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Slumber Party Massacre II/Slumber Party Massacre III Double Feature (1987, 1990)

Slumber Party Massacre II/Slumber Party Massacre III Double Feature (1987, 1990)

3 Beers

Only the weirdest of the weird gravitate toward the slasher comedy.  Every weirder are those who fall in line with the goofy sequels when the satire has all but dried up.  Scream Factory, knowing that its rabid fanbase of freaks largely fall into the latter group of collectors unwilling to admit defeat, throw a few more bones out into the B-movie graveyard with their twofer handling of the two Slumber Party Massacre sequels.

The horror hounds and gore-gore girls know these two films are inferior to director Amy Holden Jones’ cult classic release.  They just don’t care.  And I am all too willing to see their point of view after surviving this release.

Produced by Roger Corman, it takes more than a strong stomach to sit through the slaughter of young, naked women by a crazy killer waving around a very phallic-looking drill time and time again.  It takes horror film know-how, a sharp wit, AND a case of beer.  The fans of this twisted series know this.  The fans also know just how incredibly left-of-center these two flicks are, with Slumber Party Massacre II taking home the crown for one of the weirdest b-movies – complete with a supernatural killer armed with a power-drilled guitar – to have ever seen the light of day.

Whether we are starting on the beach as the girls play volleyball or in a garage as the girls warm up their instruments, then end result is always the same: someone has the idea for a lingerie frolic that night at a home with no parental supervision in which a crazed killer gets the hankering for a whole lot of killing.  When are these silly teens going to learn a thing or two?  Hopefully, never. 

Directed by Deborah Brock, the first sequel follows Courtney (Crystal Bernard, Wings), the only survivor of the first driller killer attack, as she and her friends – all members of a girl rock band – plan a weekend getaway at a condo with only their music and their boyfriends to be responsible for.  Unfortunately, they can’t escape themselves and all the baggage they bring with them.  Being in a band is hard work, you know. 

What follows is a deadly dreamscape-walking nightmare in which a supernatural killer – dressed like a demented Elvis Presley – pops in and out of Courtney’s world, reducing her friends to a pile of gutted intestines while wise-cracking his way closer to her.  Or is he just a product of Courtney’s imagination? A residual haunting from the first attack?  As unclear and as hilariously silly as this one is, we will never know.

In the 1990 sequel to the second movie, a whole new group of girls – this time a bit more fun-loving and freeeee-aky – get a whole new driller killer with which to do battle with during their striptease slumber party.  Of course, that is after they drive up and down Santa Monica singing along to one of the cheesiest of pop songs to ever be written for a movie.  Starring Keely Christian as Jackie Cassidy, Brittain Frye, Michael Harris, and David Greenlee, Slumber Party Massacre III, directed by Sally Mattison, might be the better of the two films, but you probably won’t notice or care.

With questionable motives and really low production values, the series is solely recommended for genre die-hards.  What’s cool about the release, though, is that fans can watch either the rated or the extended unrated version of each film.  If you’re like me, you went unrated all the way to the grave, baby.

When you double the driller killer action, you get one hell of a twofer thriller!  Scream Factory does us proud.

Blu-ray Specifications:

Courtesy of Scream Factory, Slumber Party Massacre II & III are both presented in a 1.78:1, 1080p High Definition transfer that looks pleasingly new.  Colors are interesting again – with some of the softness in the details sharpened a bit.  Night scenes are well-defined and shadows a bit thicker than previously seen.  This transfer was remastered from the original camera negative, removing much of the grit and fuzziness, leaving behind a picture that looks absolutely incredible. The 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio is likewise excellent, allowing for every little sound to come through in perfect clarity.


The first sequel features a commentary from Writer/Director/Producer Deborah Brock, Producer Don Daniel And Story Editor Beverly Gray.  The second sequel features commentary from Director Sally Mattison, Actress Hope Marie Carlton, Brandi Burkett, and Story Editor Beverly Gray.

Special Features:

Following the release of the first film, Scream Factory finally completes the trilogy with this double feature; easily one of the year’s first highlights.  For Slumber Party Massacre II, you get the 76-min R-Rated version and the extended 85 minute Unrated Cut, plus a three-part making of, and a still gallery.  For the second sequel, you get the 75-min R-Rated Version and the extended 87 Minute Unrated cut of the movie.

Sleepless Nights: Revisiting The Slumber Party Massacres

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