The Dismembered (1962) - Blu-ray Review

The Dismemebered (1962) - Blu-ray Review“Oswald, you botched it again.“ That’s the line of dialogue that the lead ghost in 1962’s regional horror/comedy The Dismembered says repeatedly to one member of his spirit gang.  Poor Oswald.  He just can’t seem to get his human traps to go off right.  You see, a trio of ...

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War Dogs - Blu-ray Review

War Dogs - Movie Review

One need look no further than The Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short to see that making raucous entertainment out of ludicrous, behind-the-scenes political goings-on is alive and well in Hollywood. That trend continues with Todd Phillips’ War Dogs, a much less insightful  ...

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The Adventures of Hercules II (1985) - Blu-ray Review

The Adventure of Hercules II (1985) - Blu-ray Review…in which the producers lie, cheat, and steal from star Lou Ferrigno so much so that he actually agrees to do reshoots for a movie that will never see the light of day for a much smaller price tag.  That’s right, folks, Mr. Incredible Hulk himself is victim to the wrath of producers ...

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Star Trek Beyond - Blu-ray Review

Star Trek Beyond - Movie ReviewStar Trek Beyond is a bold move.  It is also a risky one, too.  Thankfully, it gives fans EXACTLY what they want.  We are finally in deep space and, finally, free of Earth-based adventures. With its strongest female character yet being introduced here, Beyond is the  ...

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Hercules (1983) - Blu-ray Review

Hercules (1983) - Blu-ray ReviewBeautiful women.  Mechanical Beasts.  And a floating thrift store water jug drifting in space.  There are so many weird and strange and low-budget visuals from this movie – like the sight of a greenless (but poorly dubbed) Lou Ferrigno – that are scratched into my retinas ...

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Lights Out - Blu-ray Review

Lights Out - Movie ReviewMy mother was wrong. There WAS something hellish that lived in the pitch-black corners and darkened recesses of my childhood bedroom. And I always knew that the crawl space under my bed was the shadowy central hub of all that evil activity. I knew it to be, but I was ...

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Effects (1980) - Blu-ray Review

Effects (1980) - Blu-ray ReviewHoly gonzo grindhouse flicks!  Effects is the ultimate high in DIY horror. ...

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Ghostbusters - Blu-ray Review

Ghostbusters - Movie ReviewKate McKinnon. Kate McKinnon.  Kate McKinnon.  There’s no denying that her comedic chops are on full display throughout the much-ballyhooed all-female reboot of 1984’s GhostbustersIF everything else about Pail Feig’s effects-driven spectacle failed, the absolute magic   ...

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Ms. 45 (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Ms. 45 - Blu-ray ReviewTurns out that one of New York City’s finest isn’t a cop at all.  She’s a pissed of victim of rape and violence and pretty much wants you to watch her put a bullet into the brain of any dude with a free swinging dick and a repulsive swagger to match.  Hell, after her brutal attack ...

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The Mind's Eye - Blu-ray Review

The Mind's Eye - Movie ReviewThe Mind’s Eye is something special.  Look right below the title of this review.  You’ll notice the pints-of-beer rating, meaning that the film automatically falls into the B-movie category – even though it’s hitting theaters now.  I’m not going to pretend with you about the film and  ...

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Butcher, Baker Nightmare Maker (1982) - Blu-ray Review

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker - Blu-ray ReviewHaving journeyed down a Colorado mountainside highway when the brakes have just gone out, there’s certainly nothing funny about the tragic car accident that brutally takes the lives of a young mother and father in the opening few minutes of Butcher, Baker Nightmare ...

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The Legend of Tarzan - Blu-ray Review

The Legend of Tarzan - Movie ReviewFew fictional characters have been through the entertainment wringer as many times as Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan the Ape Man. The subject of dozens of novels, countless comic books, a TV and a radio series, Broadway plays, and more than 200 movies (the oldest  ...

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The Intruder (1975) - Blu-ray Review

The Intruder (1975) - Blu-ray ReviewIn one key scene of The Intruder, where the art of murder comes into full effect, Mickey Rooney is being led by a shadowy figure up the steep and winding steps of a lighthouse.  The lantern room is shimmering with light.  The sun pierces the glass of the storm panes and ...

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Captain America: Civil War - Blu-ray Review

Captain America: Civil War - Movie ReviewSo begins Marvel’s continued domination in the costumed hero department, as their Phase 3 comes out swinging in high style. After the Russo brother’s proved their talent with Cap in The Winter Soldier, it seemed they replaced former Marvel golden boy Joss Whedon ...

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Top of the Heap (1972) - Blu-ray Review

Top of the Heap (1972) - Blu-ray ReviewA goddamn bottle of wine!  This is the statement uttered when a hard edged DC cop tries to bust a fellow brother threatening to shoot the bus driver over a miscount of his $.40 fare leads to accusation and suspicion.  This is followed by a dream sequence in which a naked ...

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