The Bye Bye Man - Blu-ray Review

The Bye Bye Man - Movie ReviewThe Bye Bye Man is a new horror film with a new monster that you will want to applaud more than you actually do.  Maybe it’s because of that stupid title.  More than likely, though, is the fact that the film is oh so very familiar and a bit too technically challenged for its own good  ...

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Nurse Sherri (1978) - Blu-ray Review

Nurse Sherri (1978) - Blu-ray ReviewWherever it is in the outer realm of this eternal existence that producer/director/writer Al Adamson now hangs his hat, here’s hoping it has one hell of a view of the heavens.  His bankable B-movies – however cheap and trashy they come across – are endlessly entertaining ...

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Underworld: Blood Wars - Blu-ray Review

Underworld: Blood Wars - Movie ReviewThe night has descended once again across Cineplexes everywhere with the arrival of the fifth entry in the ongoing Underworld series. The war between vampires and lycans is far from over. While Blood Wars won’t earn itself any new fans to the franchise, the gothic series makes for ...

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Mutant (1984) (Limited Edition of 2000) - Blu-ray Review

Mutant (1984) - Blu-ray reviewWhen I was a kid, it was this stupid movie that gave me a prolonged buzz.  In one quick scene a small child gets destroyed by a bunch of zombies in a bathroom.  It’s not grotesque; it’s implied as a horde of zombies gather round him to feast.  In another, a doctor verbally ...

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Split - Blu-ray Review

Split - Movie ReviewOne of the few things more beguiling than an M. Night Shaymalan movie when the writer/director is at the top of his game, is the direction his career has taken over the last decade or so. He launched to meteoric heights back in the late ‘90s and early 00’s with The Sixth  ...

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Inquisition (1976) - Blu-ray Review

Inquisition (1978) - Blu-ray ReviewMasked robed figures populate the landscape of 16th century France in actor/writer/director Paul Naschy’s Inquisition.  Fires rage, too.  Decapitated heads rot on wooden posts.  Red X’s appear on the doors of stone houses of the condemned.  And the women – always ...

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Blow-Up: Criterion Collection (1966) - Blu-ray Review

Blow-up (1966) - Blu-ray ReviewBlow-Up might have been writer/director Michelangelo Antonioni’s first British film, but it was far from English. The Italian director was far from home, but neither is it an Italian film. Blow-Up, being one of the first films to document the effect of images upon ...

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Madhouse (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Madhouse (1981) - Blu-ray ReviewJust try to blow out these birthday candles, bitches! Madhouse (aka And When She Was Bad and There Was a Little Girl) is for those horror b-movie junkies who want their cake and eat it, too.  Its sticky sweetness ...

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Blu-ray Review

fantastic beasts posterFifteen years after the release of the first Harry Potter film and five years after the final film, Warner Bros plunges their hands back down the throat of the Sorting Hat and yanks out a NEW quintilogy in an offshoot of the world of wizardry that J.K. Rowling once assembled on the  ...

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Rat Fink (1965) - Blu-ray Review

Rat Fink (1965) - Blu-ray ReviewRat Fink lives in the shadows.  It is a film about risk.  And it lives in another time and another place, where classic cars travel high speeds and loners ride the rails as Ricky Nelson-like pop songs live and breathe as more than mere background music.  It is a dangerous place ...

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Passengers - Blu-ray Review

Passengers - Movie ReviewPassengers is a long and winding journey on a very familiar path through space. To say this imaginative sci-fi adventure shoots itself in the foot is an understatement – especially if you sit through all of its two hours. To say that the film is completely worthless – as so many are  ...

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Alienator (1990) - Blu-ray Review

Alienator (1990) - Blu-ray ReviewBefore Alien met Predator and THAT battle began, there was Alienator. I’m not really sure why Alienator, which is partly a remake of The Astounding She-Monster, doesn’t work as raucous as one would expect, especially from a b-movie director as prolific as Fred Olen  ...

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Arrival - Blu-ray Review

Arrival - Movie ReviewScience fiction alien invasion flicks. They are a dime-a-dozen. Mysterious ship arrives on Earth and blows the population to smithereens. Or the creatures are disposed of in short order by flag-waving, cigar-chomping patriots who “don’t take no $%#@ off anyone.” Then, in some, ...

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Evil Ed (1995) - Blu-ray Review

Evil Ed (1995) - Blu-ray ReviewNever before has losing one's mind been so brutally glorious and funny! Wickedly directed (and shot) by Anders Jacobsson and written by Göran Lundström and Christer Ohlsson, Evil Ed is a clever response to Sweden’s own government-sponsored view of film censorship ...

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Blu-ray Review

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Movie Review2012 saw the wildly popular Lee Childs bestselling books come to life on the big screen with Jack Reacher, a film that caught most by surprise with its bad-ass vintage style and tone that harkened back to the he-man, classic car-chase films of the ‘70s like Bullitt and The French  ...

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