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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970) - Blu-ray Review

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Blu-ray ReviewAnd another caveman classic is upon us. Writer/director Val Guest’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth gets the Warner Archive Collection treatment for its blu-ray debut.  Essentially, all that means is that the film gets an HD transfer because the big boys still don’t know how ...

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Finding Dory - Blu-ray Review

Finding Dory - Movie ReviewIt was only a matter of time before Dory got her own picture. Granted, no one could have imagined it would take Pixar 13 years, but we’re finally going back to Nemo’s reef to pay another visit to the forgetful blue tang and her finned, scaled, feathered, and tentacled ...

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The Gate: Vestron Video Collector's Series (1987) - Blu-ray Review

The Gate (1987) - Blu-ray ReviewMake no bones about it, Horror Hounds, The Gate is a MUST-HAVE release from Lionsgate’s handling of its on-going Vestron Video Collector’s Series.  Written by Michael Nankin and directed by Tibor Takács, The Gate was an unexpected success for New Century Vista Film Co. ...

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Star Trek Beyond - Blu-ray Review

Star Trek Beyond - Movie ReviewStar Trek Beyond is a bold move.  It is also a risky one, too.  Thankfully, it gives fans EXACTLY what they want.  We are finally in deep space and, finally, free of Earth-based adventures. With its strongest female character yet being introduced here, Beyond is the  ...

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Slaughterhouse (1987) - Blu-ray Review

Slaughterhouse (1987) - Blu-ray ReviewMost people are offended by the slaughter of animals. They like their bacon, mind you, but simply cannot deal with a defenseless pig being stunned, shaved, and then sliced and diced into tasty little strips of bacon. Yummy! For a lot of people slaughterhouses represent ...

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Lights Out - Blu-ray Review

Lights Out - Movie ReviewMy mother was wrong. There WAS something hellish that lived in the pitch-black corners and darkened recesses of my childhood bedroom. And I always knew that the crawl space under my bed was the shadowy central hub of all that evil activity. I knew it to be, but I was ...

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Deadtime Stories (1986) - Blu-ray Review

Deadtime Stories (1986) - Blu-ray Review“It’s too dark! It’s too daaaaaark,” screams an eight-year-old boy. Bouncing on his bed, he is need of some bedtime stories to ease on into sleep. Unfortunately, his creeper of an uncle, Peter (Scott Valentine) is the only adult in the house and his idea of bedtime stories is ...

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Ghostbusters - Blu-ray Review

Ghostbusters - Movie ReviewKate McKinnon. Kate McKinnon.  Kate McKinnon.  There’s no denying that her comedic chops are on full display throughout the much-ballyhooed all-female reboot of 1984’s GhostbustersIF everything else about Pail Feig’s effects-driven spectacle failed, the absolute magic   ...

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Joe Bullet (1973) - DVD Review

Joe Bullet (1972) - DVD ReviewWith Ken Gampu (The Gods Must Be Crazy) at the front of the action and the team in this soccer-centered exploitation classic, Joe Bullet arrives on home entertainment platforms for a whole new generation of badass cinema lovers to discover. Personally, I can think ...

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The Mind's Eye - Blu-ray Review

The Mind's Eye - Movie ReviewThe Mind’s Eye is something special.  Look right below the title of this review.  You’ll notice the pints-of-beer rating, meaning that the film automatically falls into the B-movie category – even though it’s hitting theaters now.  I’m not going to pretend with you about the film and  ...

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Ape 3-D Aka A*P*E (1976) - Blu-ray Review

Ape 3D Aka A*P*E (1976) - Blu-ray Review“Let's see him dance for his organ grinder now!” Holy Hell, Horror Hounds, does this flick ever stink! And by stink, I mean exactly that. Oh, don’t misinterpret me A*P*E is hysterical (and if drunk enough, I’m sure its even more of a riot), but mostly in the manner that suggests ...

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The Legend of Tarzan - Blu-ray Review

The Legend of Tarzan - Movie ReviewFew fictional characters have been through the entertainment wringer as many times as Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan the Ape Man. The subject of dozens of novels, countless comic books, a TV and a radio series, Broadway plays, and more than 200 movies (the oldest  ...

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King Solomon's Mines (1985) - Blu-ray Review

Kinf Solomon's Mines (1985) - blu-ray reviewAlright, alright, alright. I get it. I TOTALLY understand why so many critics railed against this Indiana Jones wannabe action adventure flick when it was originally released. Starring Richard Chamberlain as Harrison Ford (kidding), King Solomon’s Mines is as shallow as B-movies ...

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Captain America: Civil War - Blu-ray Review

Captain America: Civil War - Movie ReviewSo begins Marvel’s continued domination in the costumed hero department, as their Phase 3 comes out swinging in high style. After the Russo brother’s proved their talent with Cap in The Winter Soldier, it seemed they replaced former Marvel golden boy Joss Whedon ...

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Dead Kids (1981) - Blu-ray Review

Dead Kids (1981) - Blu-ray ReviewReleased here in America as Strange Behavior, director Michael Laughlin (Two-Lane Blacktop) goes for the jugular in Dead Kids. The murderous results are indeed an Ozploitation classic that many have never seen before. The frightful flick is full of surprises for attentive viewers ...

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