The BFG - Blu-ray Review

The BFG - Movie ReviewDirector Steven Spielberg is no stranger to the fantastical realms that collide in his faithful adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1982 children’s classic book.  For many people like myself, Spielberg’s films were the main courses of our cinematic outings growing up. His filmography  ...

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The Slayer (1981) - Blu-ray Review

The Slayer (1982) - Blu-rayBefore nightmare became popular on Elm Street, there was the lone howl of The Slayer! ...

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The Devil's Candy - Blu-ray Review

The Devil's Candy - Movie ReviewHell, yes!!!!  If you are anything like me (and completely landlocked), you probably feel like you have waited entirely too long to see this horror movie.  I first heard about The Devil’s Candy in 2015, where it debuted at Fantastic Fest, and the reviews were through the  ...

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Snapshot (1978) - Blu-ray Review

Snapshot (1979) - Blu-rayAngela, a young hairdresser, is about to make a life-altering decision.  She’ll spend the rest of forever paying for it, too.  Tired and pissed off at her snooty boss, she is enticed away from the daily grind of her day-to-day struggle when a friend suggests she turn to modeling ...

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Hell or High Water - Blu-ray Review

Hell or High Water - Movie ReviewIn David Mackenzie’s new film, Hell or High Water, the sprawling West Texas setting – as beautiful as it is rugged – conceals the crushing desolation of its sun-bleached towns whose futures have long since shriveled in the Texas heat. Hard-pressed ranchers, abandoned ...

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Vicious Lips (1986) - Blu-ray review

Vicious Lips - Blu-ray ReviewBecause in the far future, even on the other side of the universe, we will still need some goddamn rock and roll. ...

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Don't Breathe - Blu-ray Review

Don't Breathe - Movie Review

If director Fede Alvarez’s revisit of Sam Raimi’s spooky old cabin in the deep, dark, twisted woods of rural America did something for you in 2013’s Evil Dead, then you need to know that Alvarez is finally back. This time with a creepy little home invasion thriller  ...

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The Satanist (1968) - Blu-ray Review

The Satanist (1968) - Blu-rayDeemed a nudie cutie flick; this “film”, The Satanist, was once thought long lost to the ravages of time.  Thankfully, it wasn’t and, as it depicts a newly married man getting shagged by a hot occultist’s partner while his wife sleeps IN THE SAME BED, it definitely carries lessons ...

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The Great Gilly Hopkins - DVD Review

The Great Gilly Hopkins - DVD ReviewI’ve loved the young adult novel The Great Gilly Hopkins since childhood. So my reaction to the news of a Hollywood movie adaptation was, “They better not screw it up.” Well, I’m happy to say my fears were unfounded, and the filmmakers did an excellent job  ...

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The Manster (1959) - Blu-ray Review

The Manster (1959)Egads!  Evolution and eyeballs!  The Manster is coming! The Manster is coming!  Everybody run for the hills! ...

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Daredevil: Season One (2015) - Blu-ray Review

Daredevil - Netflix FindsThe opening sequence. Pulsing music surges. An unnamed red liquid drizzles out over the darkness. Our lady of justice is formed, bathed by this crimson element. Familiar cityscapes are covered, too. New York City. A bridge forms.  Following it, an angel and its church  ...

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So Sweet, So Dead aka The Slasher ... is the Sex Maniac! (1972) - Blu-ray Review

The Slasher (1972) - Blu-ray Everyone is unfaithful.  That seems to be the thesis in this infamous giallo film.  Hell, when the women are this beautiful – Susan Scott anyone? – I don’t even care if 70% of the film is merely bedroom glimpses by a lanky stranger in a black trench coat.  This murderous ...

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Finding Dory - Blu-ray Review

Finding Dory - Movie ReviewIt was only a matter of time before Dory got her own picture. Granted, no one could have imagined it would take Pixar 13 years, but we’re finally going back to Nemo’s reef to pay another visit to the forgetful blue tang and her finned, scaled, feathered, and tentacled ...

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The Power (1984) - Blu-ray Review

The Power - Blu-ray ReviewOuch!  My head really hurts after watching this one from 1984.  The scene where a very much deformed and noggin-trumpin’ man suddenly finds his head growing three sizes too big is a real find.  He then growls and shoves a girl’s hand down the garbage disposal. That’ll teach ...

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Mechanic: Resurrection - Blu-ray Review

Mechanic: Resurrection - Movie ReviewArthur Bishop is back.  He’s also pretty irritated.  You should NEVER mess with him while he is trying to eat.  And, as showcased by the always-charismatic Jason Statham, the specialist of accidental deaths at the center this violent tale of revenge proves the old adage  ...

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