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LIFE - Movie Review

Call 911. This thing is on life support.

Saban's Power Rangers - Movie Review

“Go, go, Power Rangers!” has become “So-so Power Rangers!”

The Belko Experiment - Movie Review

With The Belko Experiment, office politics couldn’t get any deadlier.

Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review

All-around fun as it anoints the true star of the flick with a Kong-sized crown.

Passengers - Blu-ray Review

Plan to leave 10 minutes before the film ends…you’ll leave with a better experience

Arrival - Blu-ray Review

A well-told thinking man’s detective story - Now on blu-ray

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

The Monster - Blu-ray Review

Easily claws its way through to the top of the list of this year’s horror films

New on Blu-ray

Don't Breathe - Blu-ray Review

Don't Breathe - Movie Review

If director Fede Alvarez’s revisit of Sam Raimi’s spooky old cabin in the deep, dark, twisted woods of rural America did something for you in 2013’s Evil Dead, then you need to know that Alvarez is finally back. This time with a creepy little home invasion thriller  ...

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Mechanic: Resurrection - Blu-ray Review

Mechanic: Resurrection - Movie ReviewArthur Bishop is back.  He’s also pretty irritated.  You should NEVER mess with him while he is trying to eat.  And, as showcased by the always-charismatic Jason Statham, the specialist of accidental deaths at the center this violent tale of revenge proves the old adage  ...

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War Dogs - Blu-ray Review

War Dogs - Movie Review

One need look no further than The Wolf of Wall Street or The Big Short to see that making raucous entertainment out of ludicrous, behind-the-scenes political goings-on is alive and well in Hollywood. That trend continues with Todd Phillips’ War Dogs, a much less insightful  ...

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From Ashes to Immortality - Movie Review

From Ashes to Immortality - Movie ReviewDirector Eric Hyde, as made apparent by his debut short, is a filmmaker to keep an eye on.  The rich mystery that is uncovered in From Ashes to Immortality is one that is not easily dismissed.  Maybe it is the subject matter of child abuse.  Maybe it’s the beauty of how the  ...

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The Undying Monster (1942) - Blu-ray Review

Undying Monster (1942) - Blu-ray Review“But, Miss Hammond... Helga! No Hammond ever ventures into the rocky lane on a foggy night,” is the warning.  It’s the siren song of an entire family line.  You see, the Hammond family IS cursed.  Some might say they are cursed by wealth.  Others will suggest it is  ...

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Kill Command - Movie Review

Kill Command - Movie ReviewWriter/director Steve Gomez, in this his debut feature film, brings back the intelligence that is largely missing in most of today's science fiction with Kill Command, a violent meditation on the future dangers of artificial intelligence.  While there has been a slight return to more  ...

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Samurai Cop (1991) - Blu-ray Review

Samurai Cop (1991) - Blu-ray ReviewGod bless Samurai Cop.  Seriously.  Ranking alongside The Room and Troll 2, Samurai Cop rounds out a trio of films so fucking bad that they are unyieldingly hilarious.  You want to set the tone of a party right?  Rent this bitch.  The result of stitching together an action movie  ...

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Dead Ringers: Collector’s Edition (1988) Blu-ray Review

Dead Ringers: Collector's Edition - Blu-ray ReviewAnd now it is time to get weird; really weird.  Jeremy Irons, man.  What a commanding actor, right?  Well, in David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, he plays a set of talented twins that, after a simple misunderstanding over the same woman, turn their successful gynecology  ...

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Phenomena: Limited Edition Collector’s SteelBook (1985) - Blu-ray Review

Phenomena Collector's Edition Steelbook (1985) - Blu-ray ReviewI first saw Dario Argento’s Phenomena when it was released here in the United States as Creepers.  That version – heavily edited by 30-minutes (for no other reason than to save Americans from actually thinking) – was essentially one long music video.  Goblin and Simon  ...

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C.H.U.D. (1984) - Blu-ray Review

C.H.U.D. (1984) - Blu-ray ReviewHa, Criterion Collection.  It seems that little April Fools Day joke (back in 2011) has come to bite you in the ass.  C.H.U.D. has made it to blu-ray! There was a time in America when we surrendered to the idea of nuclear war.   It was bound to happen. Why fight it? This attitude  ...

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