Leatherface - Movie Review

Simply not mandatory viewing

Don't Sleep - Movie Review

Don’t watch Don’t Sleep.

Happy Death Day - Movie Review

Far more enjoyable when it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously

78/52 - Movie Review

Hitch's fans are going to enjoy what Philippe has done here.

Baby Driver - Blu-ray Review

Plug in, hit play, and hold on

47 Meters Down - Blu-ray Review

White-knuckled terror from the depths

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Blu-ray Review

The magic in the kingdom is still there, mateys. Yo ho!

Wonder Woman - Blu-ray Review

Well, that's more like it...

New on Blu-ray

Snapshot (1978) - Blu-ray Review

Snapshot (1979) - Blu-rayAngela, a young hairdresser, is about to make a life-altering decision.  She’ll spend the rest of forever paying for it, too.  Tired and pissed off at her snooty boss, she is enticed away from the daily grind of her day-to-day struggle when a friend suggests she turn to modeling ...

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Vicious Lips (1986) - Blu-ray review

Vicious Lips - Blu-ray ReviewBecause in the far future, even on the other side of the universe, we will still need some goddamn rock and roll. ...

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The Manster (1959) - Blu-ray Review

The Manster (1959)Egads!  Evolution and eyeballs!  The Manster is coming! The Manster is coming!  Everybody run for the hills! ...

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Ghost House - Movie Review

Ghost House (2017) - movie reviewDirected by Rich Ragsdale and shot on location by Pierluigi Malavasi, Ghost House will win over its audience through the use of its creepy visuals alone.  The sight of a skeletonized finger plunging into the open mouth of Scout Taylor-Compton (from Rob Zombie’s Halloween series) ...

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The Satanist (1968) - Blu-ray Review

The Satanist (1968) - Blu-rayDeemed a nudie cutie flick; this “film”, The Satanist, was once thought long lost to the ravages of time.  Thankfully, it wasn’t and, as it depicts a newly married man getting shagged by a hot occultist’s partner while his wife sleeps IN THE SAME BED, it definitely carries lessons ...

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So Sweet, So Dead aka The Slasher ... is the Sex Maniac! (1972) - Blu-ray Review

The Slasher (1972) - Blu-ray Everyone is unfaithful.  That seems to be the thesis in this infamous giallo film.  Hell, when the women are this beautiful – Susan Scott anyone? – I don’t even care if 70% of the film is merely bedroom glimpses by a lanky stranger in a black trench coat.  This murderous ...

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The Dismembered (1962) - Blu-ray Review

The Dismemebered (1962) - Blu-ray Review“Oswald, you botched it again.“ That’s the line of dialogue that the lead ghost in 1962’s regional horror/comedy The Dismembered says repeatedly to one member of his spirit gang.  Poor Oswald.  He just can’t seem to get his human traps to go off right.  You see, a trio of ...

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The Power (1984) - Blu-ray Review

The Power - Blu-ray ReviewOuch!  My head really hurts after watching this one from 1984.  The scene where a very much deformed and noggin-trumpin’ man suddenly finds his head growing three sizes too big is a real find.  He then growls and shoves a girl’s hand down the garbage disposal. That’ll teach ...

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Death Fighter - Movie Review

Death Fighter (2017) - Movie ReviewJoe Lewis, a friend of Bruce Lee and himself a Karate Champion, gets immortalized in Death Fighter (aka White Tiger) an awesome throwback with a comparable vibe to Cannon’s successful American Ninja series.  While Lewis passed away in 2012, this film was the last thing he  ...

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Good Time - Movie Review

Good Time - Movie ReviewGood Time is the rare but surprisingly effective example of what can happen when a couple of burgeoning filmmakers looking to make a name for themselves are given some money and access to a few big name Hollywood stars. Rarely are such up-and-comers ever given ...

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