Death Fighter - Movie Review

Death Fighter (2017) - Movie ReviewJoe Lewis, a friend of Bruce Lee and himself a Karate Champion, gets immortalized in Death Fighter (aka White Tiger) an awesome throwback with a comparable vibe to Cannon’s successful American Ninja series.  While Lewis passed away in 2012, this film was the last thing he  ...

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Good Time - Movie Review

Good Time - Movie ReviewGood Time is the rare but surprisingly effective example of what can happen when a couple of burgeoning filmmakers looking to make a name for themselves are given some money and access to a few big name Hollywood stars. Rarely are such up-and-comers ever given ...

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The Hitman's Bodyguard - Movie Review

The Hitman's Bodyguard - Movie ReviewThe Hitman’s Bodyguard bludgeons its way into theaters with a rapid-fire hail of machine gun bullets and filthy jokes, neither of which is capable of hitting a target with any amount of consistency. ...

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Logan Lucky - Movie Review

Logan Lucky - Movie ReviewThe name is Bang.  Joe Bang.  And, given the chance, he could seriously ROCK your world with one explosion after the other.  He is also merely one in a canvas of eccentric characters that makes Logan Lucky, written and directed by Steven Soderbergh (The Informant and ...

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Wind River - Movie Review

Wind River - Movie ReviewScreenwriter Taylor Sheridan concludes his American frontier trilogy with Wind River, a suspenseful murder mystery set in the snow-covered barrens of Wyoming. Sheridan burst on the scene with his blistering essay on the epidemic of violence along the Texas/Mexico border with ...

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Annabelle: Creation - Movie Review

Annabelle: Creation - Movie ReviewThe pigtails.  The big, buggy eyes.  That wretched smile.  That damn doll is back.  And she’s ready for her turn to guide you through a funhouse of holy hell. Annabelle sits in the gathering darkness of a closed closet.  A little girl stands on the other side of the door ...

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The Dark Tower - Movie Review

The Dark Tower - Movie ReviewGod bless those who’ve waited patiently since the announcement of The Dark Tower’s big screen adaptation. You deserve a medal. The project has been gestating in one form or another for the last decade or so, and after numerous fits, starts, vicious rumors, crew changes, and  ...

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Hounds of Love - Movie Review

Hounds of Love - Movie ReviewHorrifying.  Absolutely fucking horrifying.  And bloody, damn brilliant, too.  If the title, Hounds of Love, makes you think you are in for a romantic comedy then stop.   Breathe deeply.  This tale of kidnapping and torture is the furthest thing from a rom-com and, since there is a  ...

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Girls Trip - Movie Review

Girls Trip - Movie ReviewDirector Malcolm D. Lee – cousin to Spike Lee – turns the friends-behaving-badly genre on its head with Girls Trip, a riotously funny celebration of woman, friendship, and loyalty that follows the debaucherous antics of four college friends reunited for a girls trip to New ...

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Dunkirk - Movie Review

Dunkirk - Movie ReviewBritish Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during a speech to the House of Commons in June of 1940 in the opening months of World War II, famously said, “Our policy is to wage war, by sea, land, and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us.” ...

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