The Devil's Dolls - Movie Review

The Devil's Dolls - Movie ReviewWe are entering the season of the horror film, Ghouls and Boils. What fun! With each minute ticking past the dog days of summer, the public’s tolerance for all things disturbing grows.  And I LOVE it.  We’ve already had our fair share of frightfully good releases, though  ...

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Snowden - Movie Review

Snowden - Movie ReviewFor decades, filmmaker Oliver Stone has been running around frantically pulling his hair out in a “the entire system’s out of line” rage. Though his conspiracy theories have ranged from the ludicrously misrepresented to the virtually non-existent, the one thing that  ...

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Sully - Movie Review

Sully - Movie ReviewDirector Clint Eastwood faces a tough task in attempting to bring to life the heroic story of American pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who, back in 2009, safely landed his US Airways plane in the Hudson River after both engines failed following a bird strike. After all,  ...

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Transpecos - Movie Review

Transpecos - Movie ReviewThe border.  Joni Mitchell sang about it.  Cormac McCarthy’s prose is filled with its beauty.  As a nation, we are obsessed with its divide.  For Austin filmmaker Greg Kwedar, borders are to be explored because, at the end of a very long day, they define us.  His film, Transpecos, ...

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Sausage Party - Movie Review

Sausage Party - Movie ReviewEat your heart out, Tex Avery.  The cartoon spoof to end all others has arrived.   Sausage Party, while often crass, is a banging affair.  It’s safe to say that – in an animated war against humans – processed meat products win in the end.  The highs of the movie might not be  ...

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Suicide Squad - Movie Review

Suicide Squad - Movie ReviewWell, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are currently three films into DC comics newly introduced cinematic universe.  The result is none too pleasing.  With Zack Snyder at the helm, he has done little to impress most audiences – myself included.  With Man of Steel receiving  ...

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Gleason - Movie Review

Gleason - Movie ReviewHardly known outside the world of New Orleans Saints professional football, Steve Gleason is an undersized player who made his mark in the NFL with pure heart, gumption, and enough determination to beat the odds and scratch out a seven-year career as a  ...

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Edge of Winter - Movie Review

Edge of Winter - Movie ReviewA very simple story is at the center of Edge of Winter.  It is deceptively modest but loaded with gut-wrenching consequences.  Of course, we don’t really get to see the results of the final action play out on-screen as two boys (Tom Holland and Percy Hynes witness the...

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Into the Forest - Movie Review

into the Forest - Movie ReviewCanadian filmmaker Patricia Rozema’s Into the Forest is another of those end-of-the-world, what-now flicks that seem to be all the rage these days. They are a-dime-a-dozen. And with a serious dearth of fresh ideas and unique takes on the genre, most come and go with  ...

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Jason Bourne - Movie Review

Jason Bourne - Movie ReviewThe world is chock full of franchises in this day and age. We have seen the sequel proliferate to the point that it is THE business practice of every studio in Hollywood—it’s their bread and butter. Films are created these days specifically in the hope that they will spawn more  ...

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