The Big Short - Movie Review

the Big Short - Movie ReviewThe Big Short isn’t so much a movie as it is the continuation of a movement designed to wake America the fuck up. Don’t believe me? Go watch Ramin Bahrani’s 99 Homes or J .C. Chandor’s Margin Call because messages are being delivered and audiences are paying  ...

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Brooklyn - Movie Review

Brooklyn - Movie ReviewScreenwriter Nick Hornby’s Brooklyn is, on its surface, the epitome of a classic immigrant’s tale. The cinematic roadside is littered with wonderful stories of desperate yet brave young men who leave their homes and families behind to seek a better life in America. But ...

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The Night Before - Movie Review

The Night Before - Movie ReviewTime to grab the ugly holiday sweaters and jot on over to the theater this weekend.  And if you're really in the spirit of festivities, smoke 'em if you got 'em because the Pineapple Express gang is making an extra special stop this year to deliver some holiday beer, er, cheer! ...

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My All American - Movie Review

My All American - Movie ReviewThe new sports movie, My All American, from Hoosiers and Rudy writer Angelo Pizzo has its heart in the right place. After all, it’s a wholesome, christian-backed, PG-rated, inspirational tale about an undersized kid looking to live out his dream as a college ...

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Suffragette - Movie Review

Suffragette - Movie ReviewIt's an unforgivable shame that such an important event in world history as the women’s suffrage campaign has received so little attention from TV and Hollywood. So little in fact, that there’s never been a feature film based on this true life event that literally  ...

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Steve Jobs - Movie Review

Steve Jobs - Movie ReviewThere’s a somber irony that permeates nearly every frame of Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle’s new film about the famed Apple Computer co-founder (Michael Fassbender) and innovator of so many of the precious electronic comfort items we take for granted today.  ...

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The Walk - Movie Review

The Walk - Movie ReviewDon’t look now but there’s yet another film currently playing in theaters with a strong central character which isn’t played by a human. Everest Director Baltasar Kormákur’s mountain carried that film as an imposing juxtaposition that perfectly highlights man’s insignificance in the  ...

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Hellions - Movie Review

Hellions - Movie ReviewStitching with a thick thread of isolation, director Bruce McDonald explores a day full of horror as one teen is left alone on Halloween night after receiving a whole lot of unexpected news. Something is growing inside her. Hellions, a Canadian produced feature opening in  ...

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Everest - Movie Review

Everest - Movie ReviewEverest, the new film that recounts the tragic true-life events surrounding the 1996 attempt by several groups of climbers to scale the world’s tallest mountain, has an inherent complication. One that often spells doom for most motion pictures. But because director Baltasar ...

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Finders Keepers - Movie Review

Finders Keepers - Movie ReviewAndy Warhol’s comment about everyone achieving 15 minutes of fame gets put to the test in the larger-than-life antics of two grown ass men whose arguments over the ownership of a severed leg received national attention.  From the talk show circuit to televised  ...

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