90 Minutes in Heaven - Movie Review

90 Minutes in Heaven - Movie ReviewBased on the best-selling novel of the same name, 90 Minutes in Heaven tells the miraculous story of Don Piper (Hayden Christensen), a church pastor who died January 18, 1989 in a horrific automobile accident when a tractor-trailer rig smashes into his car. Unofficially declared  ...

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Queen of Earth - Movie Review

Queen of Earth - Movie ReviewWomen.  Madness.  Women AND madness.  I’m not insinuating anything here but the evidence in Alex Ross Perry’s Queen of Earth, a psychological thriller, is as disturbing as it is authentic.  And, I should point out, the film works as well as it does because we AREN’T talking  ...

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Creep - Movie Review

Creep - Movie ReviewLouisiana native Mark Duplass has made quite a name for himself both behind and in front of the camera.  From HBO’s Togetherness to Hannah Take the Stairs, he’s got a strong indie following that swears allegiance to his abilities.  His psychotic turn in the found-footage horror   ...

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Z for Zachariah - Movie Review

Z for Zachariah - Movie ReviewHailing all the way from Iceland, Z for Zachariah is a haunting post-apocalyptic thriller that, by focusing on the very human elements of selfishness and survival, breaks new ground in a science fiction genre that, these days, rarely produces a crop worth harvesting. The movie  ...

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Turbo Kid - Movie Review

Turbo Kid - Movie ReviewEmbracing a joyously retro-generated vibe of all things bursting with rainbows, unicorns, NES, comic books, and Michael Ironside, Turbo Kid laser blasts its way into theaters and On Demand markets this weekend with the single mission to – as the late Rowdy Roddy Piper  ...

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No Escape - Movie Review

No Escape - Movie ReviewHaving suffered a significant stumble with last year’s subterranean found-footage thriller As Above/So Below, the brother filmmaking team of John Erick and Drew Dowdle found themselves searching for the bright promise they once showed with such films as The  ...

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Being Evel - Movie Review

Being Evel - Movie ReviewMadman.  Daredevil.  Cultural icon.   Con artist.  Whatever your view is of Robert Craig Knievel, Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville’s Dickhouse production of Being Evel presents – for the very first time – a more human side to the 1970s stunt icon who is currently  ...

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American Ultra - Movie Review

American Ultra - Movie ReviewWith a title even less appealing than its premise is original, American Ultra looks to mash together the stoner comedy with the sleeper cell thriller… as if the Bourne Identity were rewritten to star James Franco and Seth Rogen. Problem is, it’s not a very good representative ...

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Air - Movie Review

Air - Movie ReviewFull of junked-up monochrome monitors and junky dot matrix printers, Air is a tightly wound film that operates far better as a throwback to another era of science fiction films than as a modern statement concerning the genre.   It is the story of two engineers at odds with their  ...

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Final Girl - Movie Review

Final Girl - Movie ReviewIn the opening scene of Final Girl, a little girl talks rather openly about herself and her feelings, acknowledging that both her mother and father are dead. This fact, disturbingly enough, does not bother her nor does illicit any emotion from her. Shit happens, she says. The unshaven  ...

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