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Southpaw - Movie Review

Southpaw - Movie ReviewWere it not for the devastatingly effective one-two punch of Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker in Antoine Fuqua’s boxing movie Southpaw, the film might succumb to the legitimate criticism of its formulaic underpinnings. Sure, it borrows many of the ...

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Exeter - Movie Review

Exeter - Movie REviewExeter, a horror film that features a makeshift exorcism and something equivalent to human protein shakes, is potentially the shot in the arm the genre needs. It’s bloody, somewhat humorous, and ends with a twist that many won’t see coming. I’m not suggesting that the movie is   ...

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Amy - Movie Review

Amy - Movie ReviewThere’s a prophetic line in Amy Winehouse’s grammy award-winning song, Rehab that is as telling about her own doomed fate as it is damning to the men in her life. She wrote the song at a critical juncture as her rocket ride to stardom was fizzling from the ravages of drug ...

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Terminator Genisys - Movie Review

Terminator Genysis - Movie ReviewAllow me to relay my thoughts on the latest version of the Terminator model as they originally came to me for your reading benefit: 

1. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5. NO! That’s right, five solid votes in the “NO”


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Ted 2 - Movie Review - Movie Review

Ted 2 - Movie ReviewOh, the humanity. The foul-mouthed kid’s becomes a man. It should come as no surprise that Ted 2 is an overly stuffed and meandering event. After all, it is a sequel very few outside of the studio asked for. It has little hype to live up to and, as a result, will probably be ...

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Dope - Movie Review

Dope - Movie ReviewIn a title card opening of Dope, the new film by writer-director Rick Famuyiwa, we’re given three widely accepted definitions of the word dope: a drug; an idiot; and the slang word for excellent. In a refreshingly imaginative way, Famuyiwa manages to incorporate all three meanings into   ...

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Aloha - Movie Review

Aloha - Movie ReviewFittingly, the Hawaiian word “Aloha” – which is the title for writer/director Cameron Crowe’s latest film – has become synonymous with the English greeting for both “hello” and “good bye.” As in “hello" to the end of Cameron Crowe’s do-no-wrong run of meaningful   ...

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Gone Doggy Gone - Movie Review

Gone Doggy Gone - Movie ReviewAll jokes about titles aside, Gone Doggy Gone is not a parody. It IS; however, very funny as it examines the uninspiring relationship of one couple so completely obsessed with their Teacup Yorkie that they are willing to pay $30,000 for its safe return when it is dognapped. Imagine  ...

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Poltergeist (2015) - Movie Review

Poltergeist - Movie ReviewWe all knew this wasn’t going to be good. The 2015 remake of the 1982 horror classic is for the most part, a waste of time. Unnecessary comes to mind. Back in the 1980s, Steven Spielberg was hot property and penned the original, and left the directing task up to Tobe  ...

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Tomorrowland - Movie Review

Tomorrowland - Movie ReviewMore creative than it is philosophical (even though it really, really wants to be both), Tomorrowland’s future-bound trajectory resides inside an adventure that recalls the type of kid-against-adult “message” movies Walt Disney used to make every Easter when I was young   ...

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