The Call - Movie Review

The Call - Movie ReviewThe heroes of our nation’s 911 call centers, masquerading as the thankless worker bees who tirelessly navigate the public’s distress in order to save lives, finally get a movie to call their own. But unfortunately, rather than the superhero depiction they deserve ...

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Dead Man Down - Movie Review

Dead Man Down - Movie ReviewMarking the American film debut of Niels Arden Oplev, the master auteur behind the original The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Dead Man Down doesn’t pack quite the same guttural punch as the film that unleashed Lisbeth Salander’s angsty, tattooed spunk onto the ...

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Oz the Great and Powerful - Movie Review

Oz the Great and Powerful - Movie ReviewDisney’s $200-million return to the wonderful world of Oz is neither great nor powerful.  It is interesting that Sam Raimi, director of The Evil Dead series and the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man franchise, returns to the quick camera angles and darkly-tinged moments ...

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Phantom - Movie Review

Phantom Movie ReviewThe first clue that there’s a serious problem with Todd Robinson’s (Lonely Hearts) Cold War-era submarine thriller Phantom, comes just as the first lines of dialogue are uttered. Captain Demi (Ed Harris), an aging U-boat commander during the height of the Soviet Union...

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Dark Skies - Movie Review

Dark Skies - Movie ReviewWhat if, rather than via an all-out full-frontal global assault with phasers blasting, aliens instead invaded Earth quietly, one family at a time? And what if their intention was something far less materially destructive than the total annihilation of our planet to harvest ...

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Snitch - Movie Review

Snitch - Movie ReviewI’m pretty sure no one saw this coming.  Pay little attention to the “inspired by a true story” opening suggestion.  The statement comes with its fair share of expected emotional bear traps for cynics and warm-fuzzy filmgoers.  Focus on the driving narrative instead  ...

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A Good Day to Die Hard - Movie Review

A Good Day to Die Hard - Movie Review

O McClane, Mclane! Wherefore art thou John McClane? Lacking the tone, the mood, and the feel of the Die Hard pictures before it (including the inferior 4th entry), A Good Day to Die Hard massively disappoints...even with its R-rating.  Returning star, Bruce Willis, ...

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Identity Thief - Movie Review

Identity Thief - Movie ReviewHinting at something much bigger than its topical brand of shock humor is able to deliver, the title for Identity Thief seems poignant for today’s information-driven society where having one’s personal identity stolen is but a single careless mouse click ...

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Side Effects - Movie Review

Side Effects - Movie ReviewSide Effects is supposed to be writer/director Steven Soderbergh’s goodbye to the cinema and filmmaking and while most are not convinced that he can successfully fade away we have to, at this point, take him at his word.  And what a head trip through style and ...

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Stand Up Guys - Movie Review

Stand up Guys - Movie ReviewThe script for Stand Up Guys comes from somewhere deep in the pile of thousands that languish year after year on Hollywood’s Black List, the holding tank for unproduced screenplays where such memorable heavyweights as Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, and The King’s ....

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