Chimpanzee - Movie Review

Chimpanzee - Movie Review Immersing themselves for three years in the densely forested jungles of Ivory Coast, Disneynature filmmakers Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield and team emerged with more than 700 hours of breathtaking footage of chimpanzees in their natural habitat ...

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Marley - Movie Review

Marley - Movie Review The legacy of Bob Marley – who died at 36 – sometimes gets a bit corroded with talk of prophet and holy figure.  Numerous documentaries have presented the iconic reggae figure as a saint worthy only of worship.  Few have considered Marley ...

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The Three Stooges - Movie Review

The Three Stooges - Movie Review Neither as laugh-out-loud funny as many had hoped for, nor as excruciatingly dreadful as most feared it would be, The Three Stooges - Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s long-gestating contemporary take on the trio of knuckleheads - hits the big screen like a ...

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The Kid With a Bike - Movie Review

The Kid With a Bike - Movie Review The Kid With a Bike is a far less intimidating film than its artsy name, English subtitles, and Cannes-fave filmmakers might indicate. It comes from Belgians Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, who’ve forged a formidable reputation with their elegantly simple ...

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American Reunion- Movie Review

American Reunion Movie Review Man, where does the time go? American Pie, the sleeper hit of 1999, is now thirteen years old! The last theatrical instalment, American Wedding, will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. With Hollywood churning out more remakes and sequels than ...

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Bully - Movie Review

Bully - Movie Review With its well-intentioned but woefully incomplete message, Lee Hirsch’s Bully makes its way into theaters brandishing the MPAA’s cursed “Unrated” badge. That’s a shame really as it means the film likely won’t get the school support it was meant to mobilize ...

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