The Circle - Movie Review

The Circle - Movie ReviewIf thoughts of covering your webcam and cutting your internet connection have ever crossed your mind as the means for getting a bit more privacy, then The Circle certainly isn’t a movie for you. It’s a creepy satire about paranoia, secrecy, and the price we are willing to pay for ...

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House on Willow Street - Movie Review

From a House on Willow Street - Movie ReviewTongues.  Why did it have to be tongues? Burning doll eyes – with their cherub faces growing increasingly elongated due to the intense heat – are some scary-ass creepy shit.  That’s how the very pulpy and very bloody House on Willow Street opens.  An extreme close-up on glassy doll eyes  ...

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Tommy's Honour - Movie Review

Tommy's Honour - Movie ReviewHow does one draw enthusiasm and excitement from a film about the history of golf? In the case of Tommy’s Honour, one doesn’t. In all fairness, the film isn’t about the history of golf, nor does it set out to be the next Tin Cup or Caddyshack. Regardless, its story, ...

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The Devil's Candy - Movie Review

The Devil's Candy - Movie ReviewHell, yes!!!!  If you are anything like me (and completely landlocked), you probably feel like you have waited entirely too long to see this horror movie.  I first heard about The Devil’s Candy in 2015, where it debuted at Fantastic Fest, and the reviews were through the  ...

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Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Movie Review

Ghost in the Shell- Movie ReviewBritish filmmaker Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) really wants audiences to consider his version of Ghost in the Shell as equivalent to the mighty rush and crush of Replicants in Blade Runner.  With cityscape visuals as striking as the ones in his movie, it’s  ...

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Prodigy (2017) - Movie Review

Prodigy - Movie ReviewChildren like games.  We all know this to be true.  Sometimes; however, they never want the games to end.  Eleanor (Savannah Liles in a standout performance), the child prodigy at the center of this science fiction film, keeps playing one for her life and the pieces on the board in  ...

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LIFE - Movie Review

LIFE - Movie ReviewLIFE is the story of what might happen if a team of scientists aboard the International Space Station were to discover and nurture an alien Martian life form. As interesting as it sounds, the premise hits some serious stumbling blocks on its way to becoming the tension-filled ...

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Table 19 - Movie Review

Table 19 - Movie ReviewNobody likes going to weddings. Pretentious, stodgy, and full of uncomfortable encounters with people we don’t even know – nor particularly care about, weddings are a necessary evil that often augment creepy 40-year-old Uncle Bob’s fantasies by encouraging him  ...

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Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review

Kong: Skull Island - Movie ReviewThe monsters are coming! The monsters are coming! The monsters are coming!!! Hooray for the longevity of the B-movie! I am overjoyed to report back to you all that Kong: Skull Island recaptures most of the freewheeling celluloid fun that has been missing from the countless  ...

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Logan - Movie Review

Logan - Movie ReviewIt has been well known for some time that Hugh Jackman is leaving his career making turn as the X-Men character Wolverine behind. After seventeen years regimenting his diet and sculpting a rather impressive super hero physique, he set to task with director James Mangold (the ...

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