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Kill Command - Movie Review

Kill Command - Movie ReviewWriter/director Steve Gomez, in this his debut feature film, brings back the intelligence that is largely missing in most of today's science fiction with Kill Command, a violent meditation on the future dangers of artificial intelligence.  While there has been a slight return to more  ...

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Movie Review

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Movie ReviewFifteen years after the release of the first Harry Potter film and five years after the final film, Warner Bros plunges their hands back down the throat of the Sorting Hat and yanks out a NEW quintilogy in an offshoot of the world of wizardry that J.K. Rowling once assembled on the  ...

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Doctor Strange - Movie Review

Doctor strange - Movie ReviewMarvel Studios continues to hammer out one successful movie after another. Their meteoric rise seems damn near unstoppable. With a trusted formula for heroics, heart, and comedy firmly in hand, the studio aims for the stars. Their latest offering is no different; it just slides  ...

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Hacksaw Ridge - Movie Review

Hacksaw Ridge - Movie ReviewThough largely out of the limelight for the last dozen or so years – save for a turn behind the camera in 2006’s Apocalypto, a failed return to acting as a puppet-wielding alcoholic, and more than the occasional news clip of arrest, divorce, assault, and anti-Semite accusations  ...

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The Birth of a Nation (2016) - Movie Review

The Birth of a Nation (2016) - Movie ReviewThough it borrows the title of D.W. Griffith’s 1915 silent film, 2016’s The Birth of a Nation isn’t a remake of that earlier film. In fact, other than the common subject of slavery in mid-nineteenth century America, the two are virtual polar opposites, with the original widely considered  ...

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Deepwater Horizon - Movie Review

Deepwater Horizon - Movie ReviewMany of us recall seeing the horrendous images: oil-coated birds floundering in the surf; sticky brown suds washing ashore on the Gulf’s coast; blurry video images of oil gushing from the sea floor. That’s what we remember when someone brings up the Deepwater Horizon  ...

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Operation Avalanche - Movie Review

Operation Avalanche - Movie ReviewWhen the results are this hilarious, who needs sophistication?  Filmmaker Matt Johnson (The Dirties) and co-conspirator Owen Williams return to playing themselves in their second feature, Operation Avalanche.  It is a comedy thriller that walks and talks like a documentary  ...

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The Devil's Dolls - Movie Review

The Devil's Dolls - Movie ReviewWe are entering the season of the horror film, Ghouls and Boils. What fun! With each minute ticking past the dog days of summer, the public’s tolerance for all things disturbing grows.  And I LOVE it.  We’ve already had our fair share of frightfully good releases, though  ...

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Snowden - Movie Review

Snowden - Movie ReviewFor decades, filmmaker Oliver Stone has been running around frantically pulling his hair out in a “the entire system’s out of line” rage. Though his conspiracy theories have ranged from the ludicrously misrepresented to the virtually non-existent, the one thing that  ...

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Sully - Movie Review

Sully - Movie ReviewDirector Clint Eastwood faces a tough task in attempting to bring to life the heroic story of American pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who, back in 2009, safely landed his US Airways plane in the Hudson River after both engines failed following a bird strike. After all,  ...

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